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In 24 hours, this blog will self-destruct.

Put simply, I’m ditching this blog for a brand new one. With a new job, comes a new start. And a chance to build a real web presence, so, here goes.

Wanna jump in? Find me at

Cheers kids! It’s been fun. 

I have a gambling problem.

And I fucking hate it. 

That UK feeling. It’s back.

Yeah, that feeling.

Remember how I would fangirl so much over that country a while ago? Constant posts, Facebook updates, Tweets and the like?

Kinda sorta ready to feel like that again…

Okay, I promise I won’t bombard, but I decided to listen into Heart 106.2 via livestream a couple of days ago, and they happened to be playing a 30 second radio commercial about the London Olympic Games. It went something like this:

"London. The world’s greatest city. From Oxford Street where people eat, to Leicester Square, where friends meet. From Chelsea, where the rich people stay, to the churches, where the people pray. From the Circular Road, which causes anger, to the Salvation Army, who’ll help a stranger. From the underground rail, where Oysters are sold, to the Olympic Stadium, where champions win Gold.

This Summer, we’re on show to the world. So let’s show ‘em why we’re the best.

London. Be proud”

Now, not only did this ad make me feel super jealous, but damn, did it make me open my eyes again! For a while there, I’d lost sight of a dream I truly want, which is to go to the UK and, hopefully, work on radio over there.

I now feel like I’m ready to pursue the dream yet again, despite my standing in the radio hierarchy, to do the things that people said couldn’t be done.

And if my psychic was right 6 months ago, within a year and a half, I’ll be on a plane to the greatest land on the planet.

Love you, LDN. 

When the Turkish FA banned flares from stadiums the fans of Super Lig club Eskisehirspor had other ideas. In response to the decision, they unfurled a giant trollface banner equipped with holes just so they could light flares and hold them throughout the banner like flaming Swiss cheese. The one-word question on the banner: “Problem?”

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16 innocent civilians, lost forever. And one man, who’s bound to get away with it.

So I’ve been following the developments out of Afghanistan from the past few days about the actions of US Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, and quite frankly, it tugs at my heart.

The man, if he can even be called that anymore, woke up in the middle of the night in Kandahar province last Sunday, around 3am, and made a journey to homes in the Panjwai district, and randomly shot 16 Afghani civilians. In their sleep. In cold blood.

Think about the last time you saw 16 innocent Australians get shot anywhere in the world. The last time I re-call seeing that was at Port Arthur, Tasmania, back in 1996. The public backlash against gunman Martin Bryant was enormous. The anger amongst not only the Australian community, but the world as a whole, was immense. And eventually, Martin John Bryant was sentenced to 35 life sentences in prison. If my mathematics are correct, that’s over 350 years worth of imprisonment.

What Sergeant Robert Bales did is no different to Martin Bryant’s actions. Plain and simple. 

Sure, you can argue that both individuals’ mental states weren’t exactly top notch, especially Sgt. Bales’ after so many years of service in the war zone, but for every argument, there is surely a counter argument. Like, how the hell was Sgt. Bales allowed to leave a secure US compound at 3am in the morning, unchallenged and unapproached, to go and commit the crimes he did?

What I cannot comprehend is that, just like many other war atrocities involving Americans, they won’t be held accountable, even though they damn well should be.

Imagine if roles were reversed. An Afghani, living in New York, wakes up in the early morning, walks across the road to a block of flats and just casually shoots 16 sleeping Americans. Now, god forbid anything like that should ever happen again, but could you just imagine the backlash?

Not only is it high time that a US citizen responsible for a war atrocity is held accountable, but it’s time that troops began making their way out of the country, and leaving the Afghan security forces to their own devices.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious what the US’ stance in Afghanistan is: They say they’re there to ‘protect and train the Afghan security forces so that, by 2014, they can run the nation on their own’, but after numerous civilian killings, Koran burnings, and the debacle of US soldiers urinating on the corpses of dead insurgents, I fail to believe that is their mission anymore. 

New goals, New ambitions, new dreams…

So I’d say that this past week has been a real page turner in my life. All sorts of different things have changed me.

My work ethic has become better. I’m more privy to learning. I’m also more privy to realisations, and being realistic about things. My efforts in losing weight is getting better.

All because I found an inspiration in the past few weeks.

It’s amazing how you can discover one thing, and it can open your eyes to so much.

For me, it was certain people I met, a job opportunity that I missed out on back in Victoria, and comments by certain people about how thin I looked. They’ve all rolled into one to become something which I use to inspire myself to greater successes.

Hence why my goals and my ambitions have changed, too.

My previous goals were unrealistic, and I was kidding myself that I would ever reach them in the timeframe I imagined.

Now that my mind’s been truly opened, I can set out a plan for myself, then go out and grab it. And that’s what I’ve done.

So to my inspirations, thank you. This week, you pushed me to be better and do better.

Speaking of which, I’m blogging from my gym. Better get back to it!

Why are we rushing this?

Quick post before I head on-air.

Why the hell are the FFA appearing to rush the expansion of the A-League? This story has surfaced in the past couple of days about a possible Canberra United football side in the league as early as next season:

Now, I’m all for a Canberra side, don’t get me wrong, although we’ve had two false starts in three seasons with expansion teams, both of whom were rushed in and given a measly few months to put a team together.

Why are we not choosing to learn our lessons and take our time? Is it because Buckley and Lowy don’t want to appear to be “falling behind” the other major codes? Maybe they’re just desperate for a fatter back pocket? Or maybe, and this is a big maybe, they’ve done their research, and have good evidence to support a Canberra side next season?

Either way, I hope for the future of our game, that time is taken, lessons are learnt from, and things are finally done properly. Only then can we truly grow and prosper. 

Time to blow some minds.

So today, I got some news which made me feel… you could say relieved, yet also frustrated, too.

I applied for a new radio job in Ballarat at Power FM, and I missed out on it. Someone from Darwin beat me to the post.

Now, in a way, because I threw everything at it, I was absolutely shattered that I missed out, yet at the same time, I was relieved.

I told myself that if I missed out on the job, I’d really start to embrace my new life in New South Wales, grab it by the bullhorns, if you like, and really make a name for myself.

So that’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

It’s cleared my mind of all the worries I had.

What if I got the job?

What if the bosses didn’t like it?

What would my colleagues think?

Would I eventually regret my choice?

All those questions have now been wiped from my mind, and I definitely feel like a new person. Like the fresh-faced kid who rocked up in this town 4 months ago.

Now, sure, this town may feel like it’s a million miles away from everything, but in essence, I’m pretty lucky here. I’m starting to realise that. I’m only two hours from Newcastle, four hours from Sydney, I can easily walk to the local train station from where I live and catch a train to the centre of the city, if I want to.

It could definitely be so much worse.

So now, I’m going to really start pushing myself to be better.

Better at my job, and how much effort I put in.

Better at being reliable, and being there when I’m needed.

Better at losing weight, and pushing myself harder at the gym.

Better at getting out and enjoying life, whether it means travelling all the way to Sydney to see (and make) friends, or drinks on my back verandah at home.

All this will help me work up to my ultimate goal: The big city.

I have four cities that I have told myself I WILL live and work in:



New York City


They are my targets. My goals. Try and stop me.

It’s time to blow some minds.