The incessant ramble.

20 years old. That's right, old.
Melbourne, 3000 - Glasgow, G14 - London, E2
Football is my life. Melbourne Victory, Portsmouth FC, Celtic FC, DC United and Borussia Dortmund.
Working in the radio industry.
Learning is beautiful. Exploring is amazing.

Everybody has a story. Tell me yours. I love stories.

Celtic FC in Sydney, Australia 2011

Doin’ the Broony at the Opera House!

We’re doin’ stuff!

One of the huddles at the Opera House!

The giant huddle!

Singin’ YNWA, Fields of Athenry and more on the Opera House steps.

The huddle on the steps!

Dancing with a homeless guy at Sydney Central Station! He made quite a few dollars for doing this!

With Andy “The General” Shanley.

Only Celts would huddle in the middle of the busiest street in Australia!

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